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United Kingdom-Southampton: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support




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Nature Of Contract

Supply contract

Awarding Authority

Body goverened by public law

Awarding Criteria

The most economic tender



Section I: Contracting authority

I.1) Name and addresses:
Official name: University of Southampton
Postal address: University Road
Town: Southampton
Postal code: SO17 1BJ
Country: UK
Contact person: Kevin Ingram
Telephone: +44 2380595000
NUTS code: UKJ32
Main address (URL):
Address of the buyer profile (URL):
I.4) Type of the contracting authority: BODY PUBLIC

Main Activity
I.5.1) Main Activity: EDUCATION

Section II: Object of Contract

Provision of a Research Management and Collaboration Solution
Reference number: 18/PROF/38

II.1.4) Short description
The University of Southampton has been awarded a contract to continue the administration of research funding on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care. The new contract commenced on 1.4.2018 and will run initially up to 31.3.2023 with an option to extend for a further 4 years. In order to meet the requirements of the new contract the University will be replacing its current grants management platform. This procurement sought an innovative technology provider to deliver a research management and collaboration solution to support core business processes, facilitate interoperability with partner organisations and third party systems, and aid us in meeting contractual commitments to simplify and expedite the commissioning of research. We sought to engage a technology provider who can deliver technical solutions, support the ongoing development and innovations for the solution and provide advice to meet our business need.
Total Value:
GBP 4500000.00

Information about lots
II.1.6) This contract is divided into lots: no

Description: Item/Lot 1
NUTS code: UKJ32
II.2.3.2) Main site or place of performance:
National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC), University of Southampton,
Alpha House, Enterprise Road, Southampton, SO16 7NS.
II.1.4) Short description
The competitive procedure with Negotiation applied to this procurement. The University operated a multistage procurement process for the award of the research management and collaboration solution contract,consisting of a selection questionnaire, Invitation to Submit an Initial Tender (ISIT), negotiation and Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ISFT) stages.
The University proposes to enter into a contract from the contract award date up to a potential date of 31.3.2028. This will comprise of an initial contract period from contract award to 31.3.2023 with an option to extend by a further period or periods of up to 5 years (i.e. until 31.3.2028) subject to the satisfactory performance of the contract and at the discretion of the University.
Contract value: the estimated value of the initial contract term up to 31.3.2023 is in the region of 3 000 000 GBP (excluding VAT).
The estimated value of the yearly increments extension period is in the region of 300 000 GBP (excluding VAT) per annum over a period of up to 5 years, subject to satisfactory performance. The total 5 year extension contract term therefore is in the region of 1 500 000 GBP (excluding VAT). It is estimated, therefore, that the total value of this contract will be between 3 000 000 GBP and 4 500 000 GBP. The overall value of the contract may increase up to 6 500 000 GBP depending on future funding which may be made available to the University, as was detailed in the tender documentation.
II.2.5) Award criteria:

Criteria: Functional Requirements
Weighting: Pass/Fail and 45 %

Criteria: Solution to meet business needs
Weighting: 7 %

Criteria: Usability and Configurability
Weighting: 5.5 %

Criteria: Partnership Working and Relationship Management
Weighting: 5.5 %

Criteria: Testing Methodology
Weighting: 5.5 %

Criteria: Data Migration
Weighting: 5.5 %

Criteria: Technical Requirements
Weighting: Pass/Fail and 5 %

Criteria: Implementation Plan
Weighting: 4 %

Criteria: Development of the Solution – Scenario 1
Weighting: 2.75 %

Criteria: Development of the Solution – Scenario 2
Weighting: 2.75 %

Criteria: Milestone Payment Plan
Weighting: 2.5 %

Criteria: Management of Risks and Issues
Weighting: 1 %

Criteria: Business Continuity Plan
Weighting: 1 %

Criteria: Disaster Recovery Plan
Weighting: 1 %

Criteria: Key Performance Indicators
Weighting: 1 %
Criteria: Total solution price and affordability
Weighting: Pass/Fail and 5 %
II.2.11) Options
II.2.11.2) Description of options
Following the initial contract period up to 31.3.2023, there is an option period or periods to extend up to 31.3.2028.

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1.1) Type of procedure: Competitive Negotiation
IV.1.1) Type of procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation

IV.02.01) Notice number in the OJ S 2019/S 025-054665

Contract No:
Provision of a Research Management and Collaboration Solution



Official name: SmartSimple Software Inc
Postal address: 111 Peter St Suite 606, Ontario
Town: Toronto
Postal code: M5V 2H1
Country: CA
Telephone: +1 866-239-0991
NUTS code: 00
V.2.3) The contractor is an SME: no

II.01) Estimated value excluding VAT:
GBP 4500000.00
Total Value:
GBP 4500000.00


Implementation of the solution will be mainly sub-contracted,

Section V: Complementary information

Review body:
Official name: University of Southampton
Town: Southampton
Postal code: SO17 1BJ
Country: UK

Section VI

VI.05.00) Date of dispatch of this notice 2020-01-10

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